Legal and Compliance Issues for Fencing in the UK

Ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements is critical when installing a fence in the UK. Failure to adhere to these can lead to disputes, fines, and the need to modify or remove fencing. Our service focuses on guiding you through the complexities of boundary laws, planning permissions, and safety standards to ensure a smooth and compliant installation process.

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security fencing

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Boundary Laws and Neighbour Considerations

Understanding Boundary Lines:

  • Before erecting a fence, it’s essential to ascertain the exact boundary lines of your property. This can often be found in your property’s deed documents or by consulting with the Land Registry.
  • In cases of uncertainty, a chartered surveyor can help determine the precise boundaries.

Neighbour Communication:

  • Discuss your fencing plans with adjacent neighbours. Clear communication can prevent future disputes and often leads to more amicable solutions.
  • If the fence is on a boundary line, both parties might share responsibility for maintenance and costs, depending on any existing agreements.

Party Wall Act 1996:

  • This Act may apply if you’re erecting a fence on or near the boundary line. It requires notifying neighbours about the planned work, providing details such as height and design.

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Planning Permissions and Restrictions

Do You Need Planning Permission?

  • In many cases, fences below 2 metres in height do not require planning permission. However, for fences over 2 metres, or over 1 metre near a highway used by vehicles, planning permission is usually necessary.
  • Special considerations apply in areas such as conservation zones, listed properties, or Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Applying for Planning Permission:

  • If required, planning permission applications can be made through your local council. This involves a fee and providing details of the proposed fence.
  • We can assist in preparing and submitting your planning permission application, ensuring all necessary details are accurately presented.

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Safety Standards and Regulations

Building Regulations:

  • While most fences do not fall under building regulations, it’s crucial to ensure that any associated structures, like retaining walls, comply.
  • Fences must be structurally sound and safe, particularly in environments frequented by children or the general public.

Materials and Construction:

  • All materials and construction methods should align with British Standards for safety and quality.
  • Considerations include the durability of materials, stability of the fence in adverse weather, and the use of non-harmful treatments.

Height and Visibility:

  • Certain areas may have specific height restrictions, especially near roads, to ensure visibility for drivers.
  • Fences around commercial properties may need to adhere to additional security standards.


  • For public or shared spaces, fencing should not obstruct or impede access, especially for individuals with disabilities.

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How We Can Help

Our team of experts offers comprehensive guidance and services to navigate these legal and compliance aspects of fence installation. We provide:

  • Consultation Services: Assessing your specific needs and advising on legal requirements.
  • Boundary Analysis: Working with surveyors to determine precise property lines.
  • Planning Permission Assistance: Preparing and submitting applications on your behalf.
  • Compliance Checks: Ensuring your fence meets all relevant safety and construction standards.
  • Neighbour Liaison: Facilitating discussions and agreements with neighbours.
security fencing

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We supply and erect high-quality fencing for customers across Yorkshire.

We supply and erect high-quality fencing for customers across Yorkshire.